4 Fore 30 photo collage: A perfect storm of needing to spend time with new desktop publishing software, a new photo printer, and a boatload of 4 Fore 30 photos gave rise last night to a photo collage that I’ll also use as a computer screensaver. You’re welcome to download it. It’s a big (15 MB), high-resolution (2880x5120 pixels) photo that's also suitable for printing. (At 300 dpi, it makes for a 10x17” photo; at 150 dpi, it would be a poster-sized 19x34”. Any photo software can resize it to your needs.) Download the high-resolution photo here. Click on the thumbnail below to get a larger view of what the photo looks like.

A few photos are missing due to my unavoidably late arrival at the race. Those whose photos are missing, and those for whom I posted a file photo, are welcome to send me one, and I’ll happily include it in an updated version. Also, if you have a better photo that you’d rather see included in the photo, send it to me and I’ll be happy to switch them.

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This weekend's race offerings are very, very limited.  You can expect the same for many weeks to come.

The Desert Solstice (Facebook page) 24-hour and 100-mile races take place on a high school track in Phoenix on Saturday, starting at 9:00 a.m. Central time.  Many national and world running records have been set at this race.    Pete Kostelnick and 21 other invited distance runners (see the complete list here) will be competing.  Spots on the U.S. 24-Hour National Team are also at stake.   The race's Facebook page, or that of the race organizer, will hopefully post some updates.


Springfield & vicinity:

Springfield Santa Run 5K, Saturday

Kansas City and vicinity:

Candy Cane Course 5K/10K, Saturday

St. Louis and vicinity:

St. Louis Track Club Frostbite Series 12K/3K, Forest Park, Saturday
Pere Marquette Endurance Trail Run (7.8 miles), Grafton, Illinois, Saturday (sold out)

Be sure to check out the Lake of the Ozarks Runners Facebook page to see what they'll be doing this weekend.

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4 FORE 30 (updated December 11th) 

The photos can be viewed here.  


Today we're doing mop-up work with some tidbits and random musings from last weekend:

It was great to see Curtis Wehmeyer back in the game. (He completed 33.4 miles in 8 hours.) Curtis hadn't been seen in ages, leaving us to wonder what was up. It turns out he hurt his knee almost exactly two years ago while running the 50K at the now-defunct 36 Hours of Jack in Carthage. 4 Fore 30 was his return to racing.

Todd Raney completed his 50-state and 50-state-under-4- hours quests many moons ago, but since he's only five states away from completing a second 50-state go-round, he's planning to take care of that next year.

It was rather interesting to note that, at mid-day Saturday, nearly every runner ran on the asphalt cart paths. By late afternoon, though, many started running on the grass adjacent to them.

While editing the high-resolution race photos, I was able to see that the race bibs of a few runners displayed something other than their first names.  I can figure out "MFN Hills" and "Kipchoge", but have no idea what "Poop Bus" refers to, nor do I think I want to know.

For the record, the temperature at the 7:00 a.m. start was 21°. The afternoon high was 49°, and Sunday morning's low was 37°. Light south winds ranged between 5 and 8 mph throughout Saturday, but kicked up a little more late Sunday morning. All in all, the weather was as good as you could reasonably hope for in early December in Missouri.

Jeff Foxworthy, if you're looking for more "You may be a redneck ..." material, these are for you:

Today we're highlighting some of the people at this year's race. You may have seen them over and over again on Saturday, and perhaps learned their names, but you most likely failed to hear the interesting stories behind them. One thing I learned long ago is that amazing and inspiring people abound at every race. Strike up a conversation with any of your fellow racers, and chances are you'll discover yet another one.

Here are a few folks in our spotlight, in no particular order:

Vincent Ma looks like just another average runner, but you'd never guess that this 50 year-old from San Jose, California, has run 938 marathons and 138 ultramarathons, including 39 so far this year. (He was inducted into the Marathon Maniacs Hall of Fame in 2015.)  He stopped after running 7 laps (or 29.2 miles) at 4 Fore 30 to hurry off to St. Louis to run the Wildwood Trail Marathon on Sunday.  (He finished that race in 4:51:50.)

Those of us who live in the Lake area already know how great these three folks are, but those of you from elsewhere need to know  too. On the left is Margie Gunter. Margie is an EMT by profession who, when she isn't running our local races, is there to volunteer. Always vivacious and loquacious, Margie is very special to us. Our local races simply aren't as fun when Margie's not there. She also has a heart of solid, 24-karat gold.  Did you notice the 4 Fore 30 teddy bear on Saturday?  Margie bought twelve of them to give to Kids' Harbor to comfort the abused children that they come to the aid of.   In the middle is Alysia Maschino, one of the nicest and most motivated, energetic and adventurous (her completed bucket list items would make you jealous) people you'll ever meet.  Several years before co-creating and organizing 4 Fore 30 with Scott Page, Alysia organized the biggest race--by a wide margin--in the Lake area, the Bridge & Dam Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, which will celebrate it's sixth year in 2020.  Our local race scene would be pretty dull without Alysia's two events.  Finally, one of the best additions to our local running community in years is Mike Korst.   Mike was an occasional visitor to the Lake of the Ozarks before retiring and moving permanently to the Lake a few years ago from Illinois (we've since forgiven him for being a Fighting Illini fan).  Mike volunteered to take on 4 Fore 30 co-race director Scott Page's race-day duties to enable Scott to compete in this year's race. (It must have driven Scott crazy to be on the sidelines at last year's race.) Mike is a very accomplished athlete himself, with Boston Marathon and Ironman Triathlon World Championship finishes listed on his lengthy resumé. We are so blessed to have these three among us.

Regular visitors to this website know that we always herald those who take on and complete new and bigger challenges. There are numerous examples of that each year at a long race like 4 Fore 30, so I'll have to pick just one for highlighting.  Amy Guignon (pictured above) from Wentzville had a banner year.  One month before doing her first ultramarathon at 4 Fore 30, completing 41.7 miles in 10 hours, Amy finished her first Ironman Triathlon (in 14:28:59) at Panama City Beach, Florida.   (We had at least three other Ironman finishers in the field, including 4 Fore 30's top female, Shannon Enloe (91.7 miles; 22 hours; Ironman Boulder), Dannielle Hadaway (50 hours; 12 miles; 2012 Ironman Louisville) and Tony Ramos (50 miles; 12 hours; 10:35:34 at 2019 Ironman Louisville).)

Race Statistics

There were 59 starters at this year's race, up substantially from 36 last year. Here are some detailed comparisions of this year's race to last year's:

Number of starters
Number of starters, by gender: 
38  (64%)
 26   (72%)
21  (36%)
10  (28%)
Number of starters, by hometown:
    Lake area
17  (29%)
14  (39%)
    Outside Lake area
42  (71%)
22  (61%)
Average age
Average number of miles/hours completed
44.2 / 11
40 / 10
Number of two-year starters

It's not shown in the above table, but the only disappointing statistic to be found is that 13 of last year's 22 out-of-town runners didn't return this year. With a relatively small base of runners in the Lake area, attracting--and retaining--out-of-town runners is important for the race's future.

Distribution of Distances Covered

Expressed in terms of conventional race distances, about 40% of those who started ended up running between a 50K and 100K, as shown below:

4 FORE 30
DECEMBER 7-8, 2019

Conventional Race Distance
Number of
completing this distance
Half marathon or less (0 to 13.1 miles)
Half marathon to marathon (13.1 to 26.2 miles)
Marathon to 50K (26.2 to 31.0 miles)
50K to 100K (31.0 to 62 miles)
100K up to 100 miles
100 miles or more

Race Attrition

Here's a chart (click on it for a larger view) showing the number of competitors still in the race as the hours wore on. (Big's Backyard Ultra is shown by comparison, and shows just how elite that field is. Half of this year's 4 Fore 30 field was gone in 10 hours.  It took 29 hours to eliminate half the field at Big's.)

Results for Lake-Area Participants

John Shelby owns local bragging rights for the most hours and miles covered at this year's race, tallying 83.4 miles in 20 hours. Katie Roberts lays claim to being the top local woman, after nearly doubling her distance over last year, from 28 miles to 50.   Most would probably agree, though, that the most impressive performance of anyone on the day belonged to 10 year-old Charlie Boyle.  Charlie was a very late substitution for his dad, Chris Boyle, who decided to rest a troublesome hamstring.   With only some 5K races to his credit, Charlie ran 20.8 miles in five hours. This is a Lake-area record for the 14 & under age group that's could stand for a very long time--or at least until next year, if Charlie returns.  

Charlie Boyle's definitely no wallflower.  You'd think a 10 year-old would be a bit too intimidated to line up front at an ultramarathon, but not Charlie Boyle.  With four hours already under his belt, Charlie is ready to start his fifth hour of playing with the big boys.  Click on the photo, and you'll see he's the only one who looks like he's having fun.

Here's the list of our locals' results, with the names of those who set new personal distance records shown in red. (I think Nigher Alfaro also set a record, but I want to confirm it.)

4 FORE 30
DECEMBER 7-8, 2019

Hours completed
Miles Completed
John Shelby
Tucker Seise
Scott Page
Katie Roberts
Gary Braman
Nigher Alfaro
Rob Kucsik
Stacy Roberts
Curtis Wehmeyer
Mark Matthews
Mark Kempf
April Leonard
Charlie Boyle
Ryan Page
Beth Coulter
Jade Fletcher
Teagan Teasley

Andy Emerson of Columbia, who won last year's inaugural 4 Fore 30, has won again.  Andy completed 27 hours, covering 112.5 miles.  (Last year, by comparison, he won after completing 22 hours, or 88 miles.)  Andy was down to just one competitor, Chris Hines of Springfield, for the last three hours of the race, but it looks like Andy's endurance and experience in "last man standing" races (this was his seventh such race) made the difference.  

Chris, who at 39 years of age is 12 years younger than
Andy, is no stranger to long races himself, having finished five 100-mile races in 2019.  

The duration of last man standing races always comes down to the tenacity of the two strongest runners, and this one came tantalizingly close to lasting the race maximum of 30 hours.  (Next year, there will be no such time limit.)

Complete results can be found here.

Andy Emerson (left) and Chris Hines.

*   *   *   *   *

RUNNING OF THE ELVES 5K RUN/WALK (posted December 8th)  

Seven runners turned out at the Camdenton Square on Saturday for the fourth annual Running of the Elves 5K, hosted by the Camdenton Area Chamber of Commerce. The cold temperature (21°) presumably kept many more runners from showing, but the sunny skies and near absence of wind actually made for comfortable running conditions.

Anytime a young, unfamiliar face shows up for a race and goes through a stretching and warm-up routine, you know they're serious about competing. That new face at this race belonged to Molly Phillips, the Macks Creek High School cross country runner who's gone on to compete at the Class 1 state championships both this year and last. Molly finished in 22:56, breezing to a six-minute margin of victory.  

Here are the complete results:

DECEMBER 7, 2019

Place Name
Finish Time
Division Place
Molly Phillips
Overall winner
Paula O'Connor
1st place - women
Eric Faes
1st place - men
Tracy Barrett
2nd place - women
Jim Glickert
2nd place - men
Jasen Jones
3rd place - men
Jamie Greber
3rd place - women

Here are some photos of the runners and Chamber organizers:

Molly Phillips and Paula O'Connor.

Eric Faes and Tracy Barrett.

Jamie Greber and Jasen Jones.

Chamber president Jasen Jones showing
even bigger air at the finish line.

Camdenton Area Chamber of Commerce representatives at the race, including executive director Trish Creach at left.

*   *   *   *   *


One of our local runners, and a few familiar names, were among the 19,000 runners at Saturday's St. Jude Memphis Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K.   The enormously popular St. Jude is more than twice the size of Missouri's biggest equivalent, the Kansas City Marathon/Half/10K/5K.

Sherrie Hamner of Osage Beach, who's previously run the St. Jude Marathon three times over the last ten years, finished her fourth in 5:24:36. As she's done at other races (including St. Jude) in the past, she ran and finished side-by-side with friend Shandi Brinkman of West Plains.

Jani Tucker of Lebanon ran an outstanding, 2021 Boston Marathon-qualifying time of 3:45:54.  Jani qualified for and ran Boston in 2016 when she finished the 2014 Bass Pro in 3:57:22.  Knocking over eleven minutes off your marathon time from five years ago is pretty impressive.

Finally, Melissa Martinez of Crocker was at St. Jude to lead a marathon pace group.  Melissa crossed the line in 4:22:34.  The race information lists 4:20:00 and 4:30:00 pace groups, so it's unknown whether those in Melissa's charge finished earlier or later than hoped.  (Hopefully, earlier.)

Complete results can be found here.

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CHOCOLATE LOVER'S 5K RUN/WALK (posted December 3rd)

A brand-new, Valentine's Day-themed 5K is coming to Versailles in February. The Project Graduation Class of 2020 is holding a Chocolate Lover's 5K Run/Walk on Sunday, February 9th, at the Morgan County R-II High School (known more commonly as Versailles High School).

The run/walk starts at 1:00 p.m.   Race-day packet pickup will begin at 11:00 a.m.   Stick around after the race for all kinds of chocolate treats.

The entry fee is $25 through February 8th, and $35 on race day. The registration deadline to be guaranteed a t-shirt in your size on race day is January 20th.   Kids attending with paid adults can participate free, although no t-shirts or medals will be provided.

Complete event information, with a link to online registration, can be found here.

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WHOBILATION 5K RUN/WALK (posted September 9th)

The Tri-County YMCA will hold its second annual Whobilation 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, March 7th, at the YMCA's facility on Airport Rd. in Osage Beach.  The Dr. Suess-themed race will start at 8:00 a.m., with race-day registration opening at 6:30 a.m.  Proceeds from the event will go to support activities and play equipment for the YMCA's childcare program.

The entry fee is $30 until January 31st, and $35 after.

A mail-in registration form can be downloaded here. (Online registration isn't yet available.)  

*   *   *   *   *

ELDON ROCK ISLAND ROAD RACE (posted December 2nd)

The third annual Eldon Rock Island Road Race will be held on Saturday, June 13th at the Rock Island Park in the heart of Eldon.   The race is organized by and benefits the Miller County Child Advocacy Council.

Online registration is pending; a mail-in registration form is available in .docx or .pdf form.

New to the race this year is a discounted 5K entry fee for groups of three who register together.

The race will start at 7:15 a.m.  Race-day registration will be available from 6:00 to 6:45 a.m.

Online registration will close at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, June 10th.

Entry fees will increase in steps on February 3rd, April 2nd and on race day.  T-shirts can only be guaranteed to those who register by May 24th.

Visit the race's Facebook page for more information.

A course map can be found here.

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ROCKY TOP 5K (posted August 7th) 

A brand-new trail race--the second to be announced in the Lake of the Ozarks Trail Series--is coming to the Lake of the Ozarks State Park in 2020.  The Rocky Top 5K (Facebook page) will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2020 on the Rocky Top Trail located near public beach #2 in Osage Beach.

Online registration and more race details are available through the race's UltraSignup.com page.  The race will be limited to 100 participants.

The entry fee is $40 until October 31st, after which it rises to $55.

Lake-area runners who have shied away from the trails should consider making this their first foray into trail running.  The race is right in our neighborhood, it's only 5K in length, the course isn't too hilly or difficult, the trail offers some nice lake and glade views, and--something you won't find at any road race in July--at least 95% of the course is in the shade.   (For what it's worth, my own description of the Rocky Top Trail can be found here).

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Race Name
Jan 1 Hangover Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Overland Park, KS
Jan 6 Argo 13.1 Half Marathon Kansas City, MO
Jan 18-19 David's Trail Endurance Run Friday night:  11K
Saturday:  50K, 25K & 7K
Mountain Home, AR
Jan 19 Wildwood Frozen Feet 13.1M Trail Race Half Marathon Wildwood, MO
Jan 20 Chevron Houston Marathon Marathon & Half Houston, TX
Jan 26 St. Louis Track Club Frostbite Series Half Marathon & 4-mile St. Louis, MO
Feb 2 Chocolate Rush Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Olathe, KS
Feb 9 963 Beulah Challenge 9/6/3-hour nighttime trail races Wildwood, MO
Feb 9 Run with the Wind 25K 25K; solo and 3-person team relay Sarcoxie, MO
Feb 10 Fort Smith Marathon Marathon/Half/relays Fort Smith, AR
Feb 10 Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans
Marathon & Half New Orleans, LA
Feb 16 Heart of the Ozarks Half Marathon, relay, 10K & 2-mile West Plains, MO
Feb 23 Cabin Reliever 20K &
Resolution 5K
20K & 5K Rogersville, MO
Feb 23 Clinton Historic Half Marathon & 5K
Half Marathon & 5K Clinton, MO
Feb 23 Castlewood Cup 15K Trail Race
John Shelby
15K Castlewood State Park, west St. Louis county
Feb 23 Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run 50K, 20-mile & 10-mile trail runs Kansas City, KS
Feb 23 Lake Ouachita Vista Trail Endurance Runs 100 miles and 100K Hot Springs, AR
Feb 23 Taum Sauk 50K FatAss 50K Ironton, MO
March 2 Liberty Hospital Half
Half Marathon & 5K Kansas City, MO
March 2 The Endurance Trials 12/6/1-hour races Festus, MO
March 3 Quivering Quads Trail Race
(postponed to March 10th)
Half Marathon and 50K Cuivre River State Park, Troy, MO
March 3 Little Rock Marathon Marathon, Half & 10K Little Rock, AR
March 9 Ozark Highlands Endurance Run 50K and 21-mile Norfork, AR
March 9 Racing for Daylight Ultra Event Click on link at left Waynesville, MO
March 15 Howard Aslinger Endurace Run 12/24-hour endurance runs Cape Girardeau, MO
March 16 Lucky 13.1 Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Peculiar, MO
March 16 Dublin's Pass ShamRox Run 15K & 5K Springfield, MO
March 17 ShamRox Columbia 15K & 5K Rocheport, MO
March 15,16,17 3 Days of Syllamo Day 1:  50K
Day 2:  50 miles
Day 3:  20K
Blanchard Springs, AR
March 23 Sedalia Half Marathon
Half Marathon & 5K Sedalia, MO
March 23 Highline Run with Evangel Half Marathon & 5K Springfield, MO
March 30 Mission Run in the Ozarks Marathon/Half/5K Mountain Home, AR
March 30 Bridge & Dam Half Marathon, 10K, 5K; Double Down (half+10K) and All-In (half+10K+5K) Challenges Lake Ozark, MO
March 30 Barkley Marathons 100 miles with 60-hour time limit; 60-mile "fun run" Frozen Head State Park, TN
April 6 Do or Die Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Boonville, MO
April 6 Camp Barnabas Big Party Virtual Run Half Marathon/10K/5K Springfield, MO
April 6 Ozark Foothills 50M/50K/25K 50-Mile/50K/25K trail races St. Louis, MO
April 6 Badge of Honor Run Half Marathon/10K/5K Poplar Bluff, MO
April 6 Hogeye Marathon & Relays
Marathon/Half/Relays Springdale, AR
April 7 GO! St. Louis Marathon/Half/10K St. Louis, MO
April 7 Brew to Brew 43.5 miles--solo and relays Kansas City to Lawrence, KS
April 4-8 Super Awesome! Missouri Edition
Choose among five races in five days (5K/10K, Half, 26.2K, Marathon, 50K) Sikeston, MO
April 12 Riverboat Series Day 6 50K/Marathon/Half/10K/5K Cape Girardeau, MO
April 12-13 The 24 Hour Lions Roar 6/12/24 hour run and relays Columbia, MO
April 13 Rock the Parkway Half Marathon & 5K Kansas City, MO
April 13 Garmin Marathon Marathon/Half//10K Olathe, KS
April 13 Wolf Creek Trail Run Half Marathon & 6K Poplar Bluff, MO
April 14 Go Girl Run--Springfield Half Marathon & 5K Springfield, MO
April 20 Double Chubb Trail Race 50K & 25K Eureka, MO
April 20 Run for Missions Half Marathon & 5K Carthage, MO
April 27 Illinois Marathon
Marathon/Half/10K/5K Champaign-Urbana, IL
April 27 Frisco Run 50 miles/50K/
Willard, MO
April 27 LX3 12/6-hour trail runs Washington, MO
April 28 New Jersey Marathon
Todd Raney
Marathon & Half Oceanport, NJ
April 28 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Marathon/Relay/Half/5K Oklahoma City, OK
May 4 Trail of Four Winds 25K 25K trail run Lake of the Ozarks State Park
May 4 Strolling Jim 40-mile, Marathon, 13.2-mile, 10K Wartrace, TN
May 4 Rock-star Run (formerly Northland Half) Half Marathon & 5K/10K Riverside, MO (near KC)
May 5

Independence Half Marathon

Half Marathon & 5K Independence, MO
May 11 Running with the Cows Half Marathon & 5K Bucyrus, KS
May 18
Spirit of Missouri Half Marathon/10K/5K Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Whiteman AFB, Knob Noster, MO
May 18 Joplin Memorial Run Half Marathon, 10K & 5K
Joplin, MO
May 18 Berryman 50-Mile & Marathon
50-Mile & Marathon Steelville, MO
May 25 Screaming Eagle Ultra 1, 3 and 6-hour races Lake Pomme de Terre
May 26 Vermont City Marathon
Todd Raney
Marathon & relays Burlington, VT
June 1 Go Girl Run--Columbia Half Marathon & 5K Columbia, MO
June 1 GO! Missouri KT82 Trail Relay
John Shelby
82-mile Katy Trail relay race (moved to Illinois for 2019 due to Katy Trail flooding) St. Louis to Hermann, MO
June 1 Hospital Hill Run Half Marathon, 7.7-mile & 5K Kansas City, MO
June 1 War Eagle Trail Running Festival 50K/25K/10K Hobbs State Park, Rogers, AR
June 8 Eldon Rock Island Road Race 15K/10K/5K Eldon, MO
June 8 In2Action Trail Run Half Marathon & 5K Columbia, MO
June 8 Run for a Vet Half Marathon & 5K Branson, MO
June 9 Race 13.1 St. Louis Half Marathon & 5K St. Charles, MO
June 16 Estes Park Marathon
Scott Page, Payton Bartlett
Marathon/Half/10K/5K Estes Park, CO
June 22 Grandma's Marathon
Half:  Scott Gray
Marathon/Half 5K Duluth, MN
July 14 Argo 13.1 Half Marathon Half Marathon Blue Springs, MO
July 20 Get Your Butt Kicked @ Route 66 6-hour run Eureka, MO
July 20 Psycho Psummer Trail Run 50K, 20-mile, 10-mile Kansas City, KS
July 28 Show-Me State Games Road Race 5K/10K Columbia, MO
Aug 17 Harder Than Hell Half Marathon Half Marathon Nixa, MO
Aug 25 Go Girl Run - Kansas Ctiy Half Marathon & 5K (women only) Kansas City, MO
Aug 29 - Sep 2 A Race for the Ages Endurance run Manchester, TN
Aug 31 Forrest Gump Challenge
Scott Page (half); Reagan and Ryan Page (5K)
Half Marathon & 5K Branson, MO
Sep 1 NE Green River Marathon
Todd Raney
Marathon Vermont to Massachusetts
Sep 2 Flatlanders 6/12 Hour Run
6 or 12 hours Fenton, MO
Sep 2 Heart of America Marathon Marathon Columbia, MO
Sep 6-7 Superior Fall Trail Race
Chris Boyle (100M)
100-mile, 50-mile, marathon Lutsen, MN
Sep 7 Corps of Discovery Half Marathon & 5-Mile trail runs St. Charles, MO
Sep 7 Katy Trail 50/50
Melissa Martinez (50-mile)
100K, 50K and 50-mile on the Katy Trail Dutzow, MO
Sep 14 GO! Missouri KT82 Trail Relay
82-mile Katy Trail relay race St. Louis to Hermann, MO
Sep 14 Mark Twain Trail Summit
25-mile group run Mark Twain Forest
Sep 15 North Shore Trail Run (cancelled for 2019) 5K/10K, Half Lawrence, KS
Sep 21 The PB&J Run
Margie Gunter
5K/10K Clearwater, FL
Sep 21 The Barkley Fall Classic 50K Frozen Head State Park, TN
Sep 21 Pub 2 Pub Half Marathon Half Marathon & 5K Rolla, MO
Sep 21 Equinox Half Marathon Half Marathon & 5K Maryland Heights, MO
Sep 23 Broadway Bridge Run Half Marathon & 10K Kansas City, MO
Sep 22 Quad Cities Marathon
Marathon/Half/5K Moline, IL
Sep 28 Belleville Main Street Marathon
Bill Pauls
Marathon Belleville, IL
Sep 28 Roots 'n Blues 'n BBQ Festival 10K, Half Columbia, MO
Sep 28 Pony Express Run Half Marathon & 5K St. Joseph, MO
Sep 28 Rockin' Rockwoods Trail Race 53K and Half Marathon Wildwood, MO
Sep 28 FlatRock 50K/25K 50K/25K Independence, KS
Sep 29 Mother Road Marathon
Marathon/Half/5K Joplin, MO
Sep 29 Berlin Marathon Marathon Berlin, Germany
Oct 5 Frog Hill Half Marathon & 5K/10K Half Marathon & 10K
(5K on Friday evening)
Waynesville, MO
Oct 5 Rock Bridge Revenge
John Shelby (50K)
7 miles, 25K, 50K Columbia, MO
Oct 5 Panther Run 5K/10K/15K Springfield, MO
Oct 6 MO' Cowbell Marathon
5K, Half & Marathon St. Charles, MO
Oct 6 Grand Country Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Branson, MO
Oct 12 FLATS Trail Half Marathon Half Marathon Kirksville, MO
Oct 12 SBC AdventureMax Springfield Trail Run 10K, Half, 30K Highlandville, MO
Oct 13 Chicago Marathon Marathon Chicago, IL
Oct 13 Prairie Fire Marathon Marathon, Half & 5K Wichita, KS
Oct 19 Bear Creek Run Half Marathon Columbia, MO
Oct 19 Big's Backyard Ultra Last man standing race Bell Buckle, TN
Oct 19 Minnie Ha Ha
(inaugural race)
6- and 12-hour runs St. Louis, MO
Oct 19 Soaring Wings Half Marathon & 10K
Half: Scott Gray; Chris Hein
Half Marathon & 10K Conway, AR
Oct 19 Kansas City Marathon
5K, 10K, Half & Marathon Kansas City, MO
Oct 20 Des Moines Marathon Marathon/Half/5K Des Moines, IA
Oct 20 Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race 5K/10K, Half St. Louis, MO
Oct 20 Detroit Marathon First marathon for Carlos Orosco, who once weighed 650 pounds Detroit, MI
Oct 26 Timber 'n' Trails 8-mile trail race.  Formerly called the Quivering Quads II Trail Race Cuivre River State Park, MO
Oct 26 Trail of Tears Three 22.4 miles, Half/10K/5K Jackson, MO
Oct 27 Spooky Sprint Half (aka "Halloween Hustle")

Half Marathon/10K/5K

Kansas City, MO
Nov 2 Ozark Trail 100
John Shelby, Thomas Mintun, Ryan and Jaime Maher
100 miles Steelville, MO
Nov 2-3 The Skippo Trail Race
10K on Saturday; half marathon/30K/50K relay on Sunday
St. Louis, MO
Nov 3 Blue Springs Runners' 50/50 50K/Marathon/Half Marathon and 4-person marathon relay Blue Springs, MO
Nov 3 Kansas Half Marathon Half Marathon & 5K Lawrence, KS
Nov 3 Bass Pro Shops
5K, Half & Marathon Springfield, MO
Nov 3 St. Louis Half Marathon 5K, Half St. Louis
Nov 3 Bowling Green Marathon
Bill Pauls (after turning 70)
Marathon & Half Bowling Green, KY
Nov 3 New York City Marathon Marathon New York, NY
Nov 9 Longview Half Marathon & 5K/10K Half Marathon & 5K/10K Kansas City, MO
Nov 9-10 Dogwood Canyon Trail Runs 15K on Saturday; 25K/50K on Sunday Lampe, MO
Nov 9 Sanders Saunter
50K/25K/10K trail races Lawrence, KS
Nov 10 Gobbler Grind Half Marathon & 5K/10K Half Marathon & 5K/10K Kansas City, MO
Nov 16 Fayetteville Half Marathon Half & 5K Fayetteville, AR
Nov 16 Honoring Our Heroes Marathon/Half/5K Salem to Rolla, MO
Nov 16 V22 (postponed to spring 2020) 22-mile solo or 4-person team relay, and 2.2-mile run/walk Bennett Springs State Park to Lebanon
Nov 17 Pilgrim Pacer Run 5K/10K, Half, Marathon Shawnee, KS
Nov 23 White River Marathon for Kenya
Half: Scott Gray
Marathon/Half/5K Cotter, AR
Nov 24 Route 66 Marathon
Half & Marathon Tulsa, OK
Dec 7 Cheese & Sauerkraut 10-Miler 10 miles Columbia, MO
Dec 7 St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend
Marathon/Half/10K/5K Memphis, TN
Dec 7 Alternate Chili Trail Run 10 miles Kansas City, KS
Dec 8 Wildwood Trail Marathon Marathon Wildwood, MO (west of St. Louis)
Dec 7-8 4 Fore 30 4-mile loops run hourly until last runner stops, or 30 hours have elpased, whichever comes first Camdenton, MO
Dec 7 36 Hours of Jack
200K/100K/80K/50K/30K/15K/5K & 100-mile Carthage, MO
Dec 8 Half & Half / Double Half Half & Marathon Tulsa, OK
Dec 14 Desert Solstice 24-hour run Phoenix, AZ
Dec 28 Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon Marathon Little Rock, AR
Dec 28 Run for the Ranch
Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half and 6-Hour Run Springfield
Jan 17-18 David's Trail Endurance Run(see list 8/23/19) Friday night:  11K
Saturday:  50K, 25K & 7K
Mountain Home, AR
Feb 21-23 Postoak Lodge Challenge
Scott Page (85.5 miles); Katie and Stacy Roberts (42.75 miles)
Friday: Quarter (6.55 miles), Half (13.6 miles) & Full (27.2 miles) Marathons
Saturday: 10K, 25K & 50K
Sunday:  Quarter, Half & Full Marathons
Tulsa, OK
Feb 29 Olympic Marathon Trials   Atlanta, GA
Mar 7 Creve Coeur St. Paddy's Day Run Half marathon & 7K Creve Coeur, MO
June 18 Heart of the South Road Race 500K Arkansas to Georgia
June 20 Grandma's Marathon
Scott Gray (first marathon)
Marathon & Half Duluth, MN
July 6 Badwater 135 135-mile ultramarathon Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA
July 9 Vol State
Scott Page
500K (314-mile) race from Missouri to Georgia Dorena Landing, MO
July 11 Rocky Top 5K 5K trail race on the Rocky Top Trail in the Lake of the Ozarks State Park Osage Beach, MO

*   *   *   *  *


Race Name
Apr 27 Neosho Sprint Triathlon
Triathlon: 300-yard indoor pool swim, 12.5-mile bike, 3.1-mile run;
Neosho, MO
Apr 28 The Chain of Rocks Bridge Duathlon 1.5-mile run, 12-mile bke, 1.5-mile run St. Louis, MO
May 5

TriZou Triathlon & DuZou Duathlon

Sprint triathlon:  400-meter pool swim, 14-mile bike, 3-mile run
Super sprint triathlon: 100-meter pool swim, 7-mile bike, 1-mile run
Duathlon: 1-mile run, 7-mile bike, 1-mile run
Columbia, MO
May 12 Trek for Trikes Not a true duathlon (run/bike/run), but offers a 5K or 10K run or bike, or a 20K bike.  Mostly on the Highline Trail.  Event raises funds to provide adaptive tricycles to children with disabilities. Bolivar, MO
May 12 Kansas City Triathlon
Sprint: 500-meter swim, 20K bike, 5K run
Olympic: 1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run
Duathlon: 1.5-mile run, 20K bike, 5K run
Kansas City, MO
May 19 St. Louis Triathlon Sprint:  750-meter swim, 12.4-mile bike, 5K run
Olympic:  1500-meter swim, 24.8-mile bike, 10K run
St. Louis, MO
May 25 Iron Horse Duathlon Duathlon:  5K run, 30K bike, 5K run Parsons, KS
June 9 Jefferson City Triathlon &
Triathlon: 400-meter pool swim, 12-mile bike, 3.1-mile run
Duathlon: 12-mile bike, 3.1-mile run
Jefferson City, MO
June 15 Halfmax Championship & Quartermax Triathlons Halfmax Championship: 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run
QuarterMax: 0.6-mile swim, 28-mile bike, 10K run
Innsbrook, MO
June 15 Topeka Tinman Triathlon Short course: 400-meter swim, 13-mile bike, 3.1-mile run
Long course: 1,000-meter swim, 19-mile bike, 7-mile run
Topeka, KS
June 22 Anchor City Triathlon Super Sprint: 1500-meter pool swim, 6.3-mile bike, 1.2-mile run
Sprint: 250-meter pool swim, 14.6-mile bike, 3.1-mile run
Centralia, MO
Jun 30 Lake Freebird Triathlon & Duathlon Triathlon:  660-meter swim, 14-mile bike, 5K run
Beginners (non-competitive):  300-meter swim, 10-mile bike, 1.3-mile run
Duathlon:  14-mile bike, 5K run
Mountain Grove, MO
Jun 30 Heartland Heat Triathlon 400-meter pool, 12-mile bike, 5K run Kansas City, MO
July 7 Shawnee Mission Triathlon & Duathlon Short course: 500-meter swim, 9-mile bike, 3.2-mile run
Long course: 1,000-meter swim, 18-mile bike, 4.5-mile run
Shawnee, KS
July 13 Big Shark New Town Kids Triathlon 0.62-mile swim, 20-mile bike, 4-mile run New Town St. Charles, MO
July 14 Big Shark New Town Triathlon 0.62-mile swim, 20-mile bike, 4-mile run New Town St. Charles, MO
July 14 Summer Roundup Triathlon Sprint: 500-meter swim, 12.3-mile bike, 5K run
Olympic: 1500-meter swim, 40K bike, 10K run
Jasper, MO
July 20 Mighty Max Kids Triathlon
(cancelled for 2019; returns in 2020)
Four age-appropriate distances for children up to age 14 Columbia, MO
July 21 Ballwin Triathlon 300-yard pool swim, 9-mile bike and 3.4-mile run Ballwin (St. Louis), MO
July 21 Show-Me State Games Triathlon & Duathlon Triathlon: 0.5-mile swim, 15-mile bike, 3-mile run
Duathlon: 15-mile bike, 3-mile run
Columbia, MO
July 27 WIN for KC Women's Triathlon & Duathlon Triathlon:  500-meter swim, 10-mile bike, 5K run
Duathlon:  1.5-mile run, 10-mile bike, 5K run
Smithville, MO
July 27 Route 66 Half Iron Triathlon 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run Springfield, IL
Jul 28 Jefferson City Triathlon &
(rescheduled date)
Triathlon: 400-meter pool swim, 12-mile bike, 3.1-mile run
Duathlon: 12-mile bike, 3.1-mile run
Jefferson City, MO
Aug 4 Stockton Lake Tri Wild-Life Challenge Short course: 500-meter swim, 10.4-mile bike, 5K run
Long course: 1,000-meter swim, 20.8-mile bike, 10K run
Stockton, MO
Aug 4 Matt Mason Memorial Cowboy-UP! Triathlon 500-meter swim, 11-mile bike, 5K run Kansas City, MO
Aug 9 Republic Youth Tigger Tri Distances to be announced Republic, MO
Aug10 Republic Tiger Tri Super Sprint: 150-yard swim; 6.1-mile bike, 1.5-mile run
Classic Sprint: 300-yard swim, 12.2-mile bike, 5K run
Republic, MO
Aug 17 Lake St. Louis Triathlon Short course:  0.25-mile swim, 12.3-mile bike, 2.5-mile run
Long course: 0.93-mile swim, 24-mile bike, 10K run
Lake St. Louis, MO
Aug 31 - Sept 1 Trifest for MS Sprint, super sprint and Olympic distances Bentonville, AR
Sep 15 Legend Ad Astra Triathlon Sprint:  500-yard swim, 12-mile bike, 5K run
Olympic:  1500-meter swim, 40K bike, 10K run
Legend 70:  1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run
Lawrence, KS
Sep 21 Redman Triathlon Full:  2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run
Half: 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run
Oklahoma City, OK
Sep 23 Sedalia Duathlon Short course:  2-mile run, 8-mile bike, 1-mile run
Long course:  5K run, 30K bike, 5K run
Sedalia, MO
May 31 Ironman Tulsa
Jim McDermott
2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run Tulsa, OK

*   *   *   *  *


Race/Event Name
Feb 23 Rocheport Roubaix 20, 50 and 70 miles Rocheport, MO
April 27 The Epic (gravel road bike races) 150 and 80 miles Lake of the Ozarks
April 23 MoBikeFed Ride with Legislators   Jefferson City, MO
May 5 El Chupacabra Grondo 103K gravel road race Columbia, MO
May 11 Vino Fondo 42, 75 and 104 miles Defiance, MO
May 19 The Hairy Hundred 100-mile gravel road race Katy Trail near Columbia, MO
May 25-26 Pedaler's Jamboree Music and cycling event on the Katy Trail Columbia, MO
May 29 Tour of Kansas City Gran Fondo
20, 50, 60, 75 and 100 miles Kansas City, MO
June 1 Dirty Kanza 200, 100, 50 and 25 miles Emporia, KS
June 1 Route 66 Mother Road Bicycle Tour 15, 27, 45, 70 and 100 miles Carthage, MO
June 8 Cycle for Life 10, 30 and 50 miles Springfield, MO
June 8 Tour de Cure 10, 30, 50, 62 and 100 miles St. Charles, MO
June 8-9 Down 'n Dirty Varies by division Warsaw, MO
June 15 Queen City Century 22, 45, 60, 82 and 100 miles Springfield, MO
Jun 9-14 Big BAM Bicycle ride across Missouri Columbia to Arrow Rock, MO
June 22 Tour de Lakes 10, 32, 55 and 65 miles Lee's Summit, MO
July 14 Tour de Jeff 15-mile nighttime bike ride Jefferson City, MO
July 20 World Naked Bike Ride--St. Louis   St. Louis, MO
July 20 Show-Me State Games Road Cycling Race 19 and 28 miles Kingdom City, MO
July 28 Show-Me State Games Mountain Bike Race 1, 1-1/2, and 3 hours Columbia, MO
Aug 3 MO State Time Trial Championship 20K or 40K, depending on division St. Charles, MO
Aug 17 Moonlight Ramble 10.5 and 18.5 miles St. Louis, MO
Aug 24 Red Shoe Ride 35, 60 and 100 miles Columbia, MO
Aug 24 BikeMO 30, 65 and 90 miles (24 and 50 miles for Katy Trail option) Rocheport, MO
Aug 31 - Sep 2 Singletrackmind Festival (cancelled; resumes in 2020) Mountain biking, trail runs, etc. on the Two Rivers Bike Trail Springfield, MO
Sep 7 Pony Express120 Gravel Dash 120- and 75-mile gravel road races Maryville, KS
Sep 7-8 Bike MS Four distances offered Godfrey, IL
Sep 14 Svitak Freedom Ride 10, 25, 40, 67 and 100 miles Joplin, MO
Sep 23 Rhett's Run Mountain bike race Columbia, MO
Sep 29 Tour de BBQ 15, 35 and 62 miles Overland Park, KS
Sep 28 Hartsburg Hammer 100 and 50 mile gravel road races Hartsburg, MO
Sep 28-29 Pedal the Cause 15, 25, 37, 50, 75 & 100 miles St. Louis, MO
Oct 5 Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life 25, 50 and 100 miles O'Fallon, MO
Oct 6-11 Big BAM Bicycle ride across Missouri St. Charles to Pleasant Hill, MO
Oct 6 Tour de Wildwood 28 and 45 miles Wildwood, MO
Oct 6 Tour de Bass Bike Rides 25, 42, 77 and 102 miles Springfield, MO
Oct 12-13 Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival Ride 9.5 miles from Jefferson City on the Katy Trail  
Oct 12 Cuban Gravel Crisis 20, 50 and 100 mile bike rides Cuba, MO
Oct 18-20 BT Epic Mountain bike race on the Berryman Trail Steelville, MO

*   *   *   *   *


Race Name & River
Distance(s) & Boat Type
May 11 Spring 12 Race 12 miles Osage River--Mari-Osa to Bonnots Mill
June 15 Osage Howler
cancelled due to Osage River flooding
Race: 30 miles
Fun Run: 14 miles
Osage River
June 22 MO River Ramble
postponed due to Missouri River flooding
26-mile fun paddle Jefferson City to Chamois on the Missouri River
Aug 24 Race for the Rivers
(Missouri River)
20 and 40 miles; canoes & kayaks Washington, MO
Sep 8 Firecracker Race
(Mississippi River -- Alton Pool)
Canoes & kayaks -- 12 miles
Paddlboards -- 3 miles
Alton, IL
Sep xx
Fall 36 Race
(Osage, Missouri and Gasconade Rivers)
36 miles
Canoes, kayaks & paddleboards
Starts near Loose Creek; ends at Gasconade
Oct 26 Chattajack 31
(Tennessee River)
31 miles; paddleboard & kayaks Chattanooga, TN
Nov 2 Race to the Dome
(Missouri River)
Providence (26.6 miles) or Hartsburg (15.8 miles) to Jefferson City Jefferson City, MO

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