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Weekend Race Results (January 14 - 15):

There were 81 finishers at The Shippey Endurance Runs southwest of St. Louis on Saturday-Sunday, broken down as follows:

100 miles      12
100K             14
40 miles        11
20 miles        44

The most notable result came in the 100-mile race.  The winner, Chris Roberts of Kirkwood, won in 20:39:50--three hours ahead of the second-place finishers, and five hours faster than the previous course record.  If his name sounds familiar, it's because he lasted 84 hours at Big's Backyard Ultra World Championship in 2021, and was the next-to-last man standing.  Harvey Lewis went on to complete an 85th hour to win the championship.  It was 10 hours longer than any backyard ultra had ever gone before. 

Full race results can be found here. The race's Facebook page has lots of photos.

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The men's races at the 51st annual Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half both went down to the wire, with one-second margins of victory for the winners.   A Kenyan won the marathon, ahead of an Ethiopian. The nationalities for the top two were the opposite in the half marathon. The women's marathon was won by a Japanese runner, and an Ethiopian women won the half.   No course records were set this year, after two were broken last year.

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