Date Race Name Distances Location
1 Hangover Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Leawood, KS
9 St. Louis Track Club Frostbite Series 20K and 5K St. Louis, MO
Cancelled for 2021 The Shippey Endurance Runs 100-mile, 100K, 20-mile and relays High Ridge, MO
10 Argo 13.1 Half Marathon Kansas City, MO
15-31 Wildwood Frozen Feet 13.1M Trail Race Half Marathon (virtual only)  Wildwood, MO
22-23 David's Trail Endurance Run Saturday:  50K, 25K & 7K Mountain Home, AR
23 St. Louis Track Club Frostbite Series Half Marathon & 4-mile St. Louis, MO
23 ROC 7K Trail Run 7K  Columbia, MO
Cancelled for 2021 Chocolate Rush Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Olathe, KS
6 Castlewood Cup 15K Trail Race 15K Castlewood State Park, west St. Louis county
6 963 Beulah Challenge 9/6/3-hour nighttime trail races Wildwood, MO
6 Cabin Fever Reliever 20K, 10K & 5K 20K, 10K & 5K Rogersville, MO
13 Heart of the Ozarks Half Marathon, relay, 10K & 2-mile West Plains, MO
Cancelled for 2021 Weldon Spring Trail Marathon & 20K Marathon & 20K St. Charles, MO
Cancelled for 2021 Postoak Lodge Challenge Friday: Quarter (6.55 miles), Half (13.6 miles) & Full (27.2 miles) Marathons Tulsa, OK
Saturday: 10K, 25K & 50K
Sunday:  Quarter, Half & Full Marathons
  Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run 50K, 20-mile & 10-mile trail runs Kansas City, KS
26-27 Lake Ouachita Vista Trail Endurance Runs 100 miles starts Friday; 100K starts Saturday Hot Springs, AR
5 Queeny Backyard Ultra Last man standing St. Louis County
6 The Endurance Trials 12/6/1-hour races Festus, MO
6 Ozark Highlands Endurance Run 50K and 21-mile Norfork, AR
13-14 Creve Coeur St. Paddy's Day Run Saturday: Marathon, half & 7K Sunday: Half marathon & 7K Creve Coeur, MO
Moved to Nov. 21 Little Rock Marathon Marathon, Half & 10K Little Rock, AR
  Run with the Wind 25K 25K; solo and 3-person team relay Sarcoxie, MO
7 Quivering Quads Trail Race Half Marathon and 15K Cuivre River State Park, Troy, MO
  Lucky 13.1 Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Peculiar, MO
13 Leprechaun Lane KC Half Marathon & 5K/10K Kansas City, MO
19-21 3 Days of Syllamo Day 1:  50K; Day 2: 50 miles; Day 3 20K Blanchard Springs, AR
19 Howard Aslinger Endurance Run 12/24-hour endurance runs Cape Girardeau, MO
20 Runner's Choice 10K/20K Trail runs Columbia, MO
27 Bridge & Dam Half Marathon, 10K, 5K; Double Down (half+10K) and All-In (half+10K+5K) Challenges Lake Ozark, MO
28 The Gateway Resiliance Run Half Marathon St. Louis, MO
Cancelled for 2021 Liberty Hospital Half Half Marathon & 5K Kansas City, MO
  Mission Run in the Ozarks Marathon/Half/5K Mountain Home, AR
  Barkley Marathons 100 miles with 60-hour time limit; 60-mile "fun run" Frozen Head State Park, TN
1 Do or Die Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Boonville, MO
3 BroncoBuster Last Man Standing   Springfield
3 Wolf Creek Trail Run Half Marathon & 6K Poplar Bluff, MO
10-11 Ozark Foothills 100  100-Mile/50-Mile/50K/25K& marathon trail races St. Louis, MO
10-11 GO! St. Louis Marathon/Half/10K - Marathon on Sunday; Half & 10K on both Saturday and Sunday St. Louis, MO
11 Brew to Brew 43.5 miles--solo and relays Kansas City to Lawrence, KS
  Run for Missions Half Marathon & 5K Carthage, MO
  Badge of Honor Run Half Marathon/10K/5K Poplar Bluff, MO
  Highline Run with Evangel Half Marathon & 5K Springfield, MO
  Table Rock Lake Half Marathon & 5K Half marathon & 5K Branson, MO
16 Riverboat Series Day 6 50K/Marathon/Half/10K/5K Cape Girardeau, MO
17 Berryman Adventure 18-hour & 6-hour races Bourbon, MO
17 Garmin Marathon Marathon/Half/10K Olathe, KS
17 Double Chubb Trail Race 50K & 25K Eureka, MO
17 Clinton Historic Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Clinton, MO
23-24 The 24 Hour Lions Roar 6/12/24 hour run and relays Columbia, MO
24 Frisco Railroad Run 50 miles/50K/Marathonj/Half/8K Willard, MO
24 LX3 12/6-hour trail runs Washington, MO
24-25 Hogeye Marathon & Relays Marathon/Half/Relays on Saturday;5K/10K on Sunday Springdale, AR
1 Trail of Four Winds 25K 25K trail run Lake of the Ozarks State Park
1 Do or Die Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Boonville, MO
Moved to Sept. Illinois Marathon Marathon/Half/10K/5K Champaign-Urbana, IL
1 Strolling Jim 40-mile, Marathon, 13.2-mile, 10K Wartrace, TN
  Rock Star Run (formerly Northland Half) virtual only Half Marathon & 5K/10K Riverside, MO (near KC)
Independence Half Marathon Half Marathon & 5K Independence, MO
Virtual only Running with the Cows Half Marathon & 5K Bucyrus, KS
  Spirit of Missouri Half Marathon/10K/5K Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Whiteman AFB, Knob Noster, MO
15 Berryman 50-Mile & Marathon 50-Mile & Marathon Steelville, MO
  Screaming Eagle Ultra 1, 3 and 6-hour races Lake Pomme de Terre
  Last Moose Standing Last man standing Marshfield, MO
22 Joplin Memorial Run Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Joplin, MO
22 Arkansas Backyard Ultra Championship Last man standing Cotter, Arkansas
  GO! St. Louis Mississippi Running Festival 82 miles; 3, 6 and 9-person relay teams Edwardsville, IL
5 Hospital Hill Run Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Kansas City, MO
5 Go Girl Run--Columbia Half Marathon & 5K Columbia, MO
12 Eldon Rock Island Road Race 15K/10K/5K Eldon, MO
  War Eagle Trail Running Festival 50K/25K/10K Hobbs State Park, Rogers, AR
  In2Action Trail Run Half Marathon & 5K Columbia, MO
  Run for a Vet Half Marathon & 5K Branson, MO
  Race 13.1 St. Louis Half Marathon & 5K St. Charles, MO
17-27 Heart of the South Road Race 500K Arkansas to Georgia
27 Dark to Dawn Night Trail Race 6-hour and 10K St. Charles, MO
  One More 24 Sober Fun Run Run/walk as little or as much as you want in 24 hours Springfield, MO
  Badwater 135 135-mile ultramarathon Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA
8 Vol State 500K (314-mile) race from Missouri to Georgia Dorena Landing, MO  Scott Page; Alysia Maschino
10 Rocky Top 5K Trail race in the Lake of the Ozarks State Park Osage Beach, MO
  Argo 13.1 Half Marathon Half Marathon Blue Springs, MO
  Get Your Butt Kicked @ Route 66 6-hour run Eureka, MO
  Psycho Psummer Trail Run 50K, 20-mile, 10-mile Kansas City, KS
  Show-Me State Games Road Race 5K/10K Columbia, MO
  Hillbilly Run Half Marathon & 5K/10K Ozark, MO
21 Harder Than Hell Half Marathon Half Marathon Nixa, MO
28 Rock the Parkway Half Marathon & 5K Kansas City, MO
28-29 Shawnee Hills 100 100-mile, 100K & 50K Ozark, Illinois
  Forrest Gump Challenge Half Marathon & 5K Branson, MO
  Flatlanders 6/12 Hour Run 6 or 12 hours Fenton, MO
4 Katy Trail 50/50 50K and 50-mile on the Katy Trail Dutzow, MO
  Corps of Discovery Half Marathon & 5-Mile trail runs St. Charles, MO
6 Heart of America Marathon Marathon Columbia, MO
  Superior Fall Trail Race 100-mile, 50-mile, marathon Lutsen, MN
  GO! Missouri KT82 Trail Relay 82-mile Katy Trail relay race St. Louis to Hermann, MO
10-11 (tentative) Illinois Marathon Marathon/Half/10K/5K Champaign-Urbana, IL
12 Plaza 10K 10K Kansas City, MO
  Mark Twain Trail Summit 25-mile group run Mark Twain Forest
18 The Barkley Fall Classic 50K Frozen Head State Park, TN
18 Rockin' Rockwoods Trail Race 53K and Half Marathon Wildwood, MO
  Pub 2 Pub Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Rolla, MO
  North Face Shaw Bloom Trail Run 10K & 20K Gray Summit, MO
  Equinox Half Marathon Half Marathon & 5K Maryland Heights, MO
  Broadway Bridge Run Half Marathon & 10K Kansas City, MO
18 Rockin' Rockwoods Trail Race 53K and Half Marathon Wildwood, MO
  Belleville Main Street Marathon Marathon Belleville, IL
  Tulsa Urban Adventure Marathon/50M/75M/100M and 100M four-person relay Tulsa, OK
25 Roots 'n Blues 'n BBQ Festival 5K, 10K, Half Columbia, MO
26 Quad Cities Marathon Marathon/Half/5K Moline, IL
26 Berlin Marathon Marathon Berlin, Germany
  Pony Express Run Half Marathon & 5K St. Joseph, MO
  Frog Hill Half Marathon & 5K/10K Half Marathon & 10K Waynesville, MO
(5K on Friday evening)
3 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Marathon/Relay/Half/5K Oklahoma City, OK
3 London Marathon Marathon London, England
  Panther Run 5K/10K/15K Springfield, MO
  MO' Cowbell Marathon 5K, Half & Marathon St. Charles, MO
  Grand Country Half Marathon & 5K Half Marathon & 5K Branson, MO
2 Rock Bridge Revenge 25K/50K Columbia, MO
  Trailfest Half Marathon/10K/5K Highlandville, MO
10 Chicago Marathon Marathon Chicago, IL
10 Prairie Fire Marathon Marathon, Half & 5K Wichita, KS
  Big's Backyard Ultra Last man standing race Bell Buckle, TN
  FLATS Trail Half Marathon Half Marathon Kirksville, MO
  Minnie Ha Ha 6- and 12-hour runs St. Louis, MO
16 Kansas City Marathon 5K, 10K, Half & Marathon Kansas City, MO
  Des Moines Marathon Marathon/Half/5K Des Moines, IA
  Fort Smith Marathon Marathon & Half Fort Smith, AR
  Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race 5K/10K, Half St. Louis, MO
  Timber 'n' Trails 8-mile trail race.  Formerly called the Quivering Quads II Trail Race Cuivre River State Park, MO
  Trail of Tears Three 22.4 miles, Half/10K/5K Jackson, MO
  Spooky Sprint Half (aka "Halloween Hustle") Half Marathon/10K/5K Kansas City, MO
  Bear Creek Run Half Marathon Columbia, MO
  Bass Pro Shops 5K, Half & Marathon Springfield, MO
  St. Louis Half Marathon 5K, Half St. Louis
  Gobbler Grind Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K/10K Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K/10K Kansas City, MO
  New York City Marathon Marathon New York, NY
  Blue Springs Runners' 50/50 50K/Marathon/Half Marathon and 4-person marathon relay Blue Springs, MO
  Kansas Half Marathon Half Marathon & 5K Lawrence, KS
  The Innsbrook Half Marathon Half Marathon Innsbrook, MO
  Dogwood Canyon Trail Runs 25K/50K on Saturday; 15K on Sunday Lampe, MO
  Ozark Trail 100 100 miles Steelville, MO
  Fayetteville Half Marathon Half & 5K Fayetteville, AR
  Sanders Saunter 50K/25K/10K trail races Lawrence, KS
  Longview Half Marathon & 5K/10K Half Marathon & 5K/10K Kansas City, MO
  Bad Dawg Ultra Endurance Run 100 miles, 50 miles, 50K and 12-mile ruck/run Dixon, MO
  The Skippo Trail Race 10K on Saturday; half marathon/30K/50K relay on Sunday St. Louis, MO
  Pilgrim Pacer Run 5K/10K, Half, Marathon Shawnee, KS
  Honoring Our Heroes Marathon/Half/5K Salem to Rolla, MO
  White River Marathon for Kenya Marathon/Half/5K Cotter, AR
21 Little Rock Marathon Marathon, Half & 10K Little Rock, AR
21 Route 66 Marathon Half & Marathon Tulsa, OK
4 Cheese & Sauerkraut 10-Miler cancelled 10 miles Columbia, MO
  St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend Marathon/Half/10K/5K Memphis, TN
4 4 Fore 30 Infinity Last man standing race Camdenton, MO
  Wildwood Trail Marathon Marathon Wildwood, MO (west of St. Louis)
  Desert Solstice 24-hour run Phoenix, AZ
  Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon Marathon Little Rock, AR
18 Run for the Ranch Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half and 6-Hour Run Springfield
  Last Chance Ultra 100-mile, 50-mile and 50K Stockton Lake