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Tucker Seise spent last weekend in warm, humid and breezy Melbourne, Florida, kicking off his race season at the Publix Half Marathon.  He ran a great race, finishing sixth overall (of 847 competitors) and second in the men's 25-29 age group, with a finish time of 1:22:20 (6:17 per mile). 

Here's something I've never seen before: Tucker is listed in the half marathon results not once, but twice.  He also finished in 803rd place, in a leisurely finish time of 3:17:11 (15:03 per mile).  The screwy results can be found here.  

In two months, Tucker will be competing at the Boston Marathon.

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Weekend race results (February 10 - 11):

We actually had two locals listed in this weekend's race results--both from Camdenton, and both competing at the Couple Shuffle 5K at Queeny Park in suburban St. Louis on Saturday. Mary Norris finished in 34:48, placing second (of 6) in the women's 50-59 age group. Marcia Reed took a more leisurely approach, finishing in 1:08:06 and taking fourth (of 5) in the 60-64 age group.

The biggest race of the weekend was the Snowball Series 5-miler in St. Charles, with 737 finishers. They had 803 last year.

The Sweetheart Run 5K/10K in Kansas City had 624 finishers, up from 600 last year.

At the Cabin Fever Reliever 5K/10K/20K in Rogersville, Springfield's phenomenal Kimi Reed, who doesn't do many races in the area, walloped the rest of the field in the 5K, finishing in 19:36--a leisure pace for her.  A couple fellow geezers, 71 year-old Henri Coeme and 78 year-old Robert Dewar, both of whom have raced at the Rock Island Road Race in Eldon, ran the 20K and 10K, respectively  Another familiar name, Randy Acklin of Marshfield, who usually paces the 1:45 group at the Bass Pro half, finished the 20K in ... 1:45:12. 

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Terrible tragedy:  Kelvin Kiptum, the Kenyan marathoner who broke Eliud Kipchoge's world record at the Chicago Marathon last fall, died in an automobile accident in his home country on Sunday. He was only 24 years old, and could one day have been recognized as the greatest marathoner of all time.  He and Eliud were going to race head-to-head at the Summer Olympics marathon.  You can read about the tragedy here.

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Weekend race results (February 3 - 4):

It looks like our local runners went back into hibernation this past weekend.  I didn't see any familiar names in the weekend's race results, although a few races still haven't posted their results.

Bodies Race Company, which puts on themed races around the U.S., held their Couple Shuffle 5K/10K in both St. Joseph and Springfield on Sunday.  They had 56 total finishers in St. Joseph, but a mere 11 in Springfield.  Ten of the Springfield participants won their respective age groups.

The Argo Half Marathon in Kansas City covets its reputation for being a tough race, with its semi-annual races being held in the coldest and hottest times of the year.  Temperatures were in the 40s for Saturday's race, so that reputation took a bit of a hit.

The Kickoff 5K in Kansas City had 662 finishers, down from 720 last year.  The overall winner crossed the line in a blistering 15:20 (a 4:57/mile pace), a full minute and a half ahead of his nearest rival.

The Castlewood Cup 15K in St. Louis had a slightly bigger turnout this year (285) than last (267).

A spammer's delight:  The St. Louis Track Club's Frostbite Series results contain all of the participants' e-mail addresses.

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Weekend race results (January 27 - 28):

The Columbia Track Club's Runner's Choice Trail Run had 39 and 14 finishers of the 10K and 20K, respectively.  The ageless Andy Emerson took second overall in the 20K in 1:55:31.  Two-time Eldon Rock Island Road Race 5K winner Tony Rigdon was third overall in the 10K, finishing ing in 53:09.

The Bleak Midwinter Endurance Run (12/6/3/1-hour races) in Springfield had 60 participants on Saturday, nearly double the total of 36 at last year's inaugural race. No familiar names were spotted in the results.

We finally have our first Lake-area race finishers of the year. Tom and Stacy Mosher ran underground at the Groundhog Run in Kansas City. They ran and finished the 5K together, in 1:04:18. There were 1,717 and 591 finishers of the 5K and 10K, respectively, compared to 1,358 and 488 last year.

The Wildwood Frozen Feet Trail Race in suburban St. Louis was shortened to 10 miles this year, after having been a half marathon for the last 10 years. They had 102 finishers this year, versus 151 last year.

The Nippy Niner (9-mile and 9K) in St. Louis also had fewer finishers this year (75 in total) versus last year (94).

The inaugural Time Travel Half Marathon, 10K and 5K in Springfield had 30, 10 and 19 finishers, respectively.

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Weekend race results (January 20-21):

The deep cold that caused a few events to be postponed or cancelled this past weekend is probably to blame for the low turnouts at the few events that did go on as scheduled.

The St. Louis Track Club's Frostbite Series half marathon had 233 finishers, down one-third from 345 last year. In Mountain Home, Arkansas, there were 124 finishers at the David's Trail Endurance Run (50K/25K/7K), down 36% from last year's total.

Interestingly, the one event held indoors this weekend--the Blood, Sweat and Gears One-Hour Run at the St. Louis Auto Show--had just 35 participants. The winner completed 8.74 miles in 59:40.

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Interest in running grew last year, using the number of half marathon, marathon and ultramarathon finishers as our gauge. There were 30,044 finishers at such races last year in Missouri, up 14% from 2022 and 33% from 2021. Still, 2023's total falls short of the 35,731 finishers in 2019--the last year before COVID reared its ugly head.

2024's number will be eagerly awaited. If it exceeds 2019's total, it will mean that the long decline in participation that started around 2014 will finally be over. If, on the other hand, it declines from 2023, it could suggest that the long-term decline isn't over, and that the last few years were just a rebound from 2019's disastrous results. (A "dead cat bounce", in Wall Street lingo.)

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