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Looking for more local running and walking routes, or wishing to publish yours?  Go to www.mapmyrun.com


When compared to most large cities, the Lake area has very few dedicated running and walking paths. That shouldn't discourage you, though, from getting out for a run or walk.  There are numerous lightly-traveled secondary roads in the area that are safe enough for use (by adults only), but you need to be selective and recognize that there are times during the day or week--especially during the busy summer months--when you should consider safer places.  When running or walking on these roads, I recommend doing so in the oncoming lane of traffic so that motorists and you can see each other more easily.  That's especially true if you'll be wearing earphones.  If you're interested in running or walking on our many offroad hiking trails in the area, please visit the Hiking & Biking Trails page on this website.