Running/Walking Routes

Camdenton • Linn Creek




1.  Linn Creek.  Park at the Linn Creek City Hall (one block off of Highway 54), and you can run or walk a mile or more on the flat road that leads north to the campground at the back of Linn Creek Cove.  There's very little traffic to contend with. 

2.  Linn Creek Industrial Park.  This is a mostly flat, 1-1/2 mile loop that's great for running, walking or cycling by the whole family, especially during non-business hours.  Park at the post office, which is a block south of Highway 54. 

3.  Track at Camdenton Middle School and football stadium.  The track is located on the school campus on the north side of the old Highway 5 (not the new one that's bypassing Camdenton) and a couple blocks east of the intersection of Highways 5 and 54.