Impact Medical Missions 5K Run/Walk

               Linn Creek, Missouri

                   October 29, 2011


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Please let me know if any of the names attached to the photos are incorrect in any way, or to add names to the photos. 


Scott Angelo  Scott Angelo

Stacy Turner  Stacy Turner

Pasley  Nathan and Natalie Pasley

Slowpokes 1  If you can smile while running, you're not running hard enough.  :)

Slowpokes 2  Ditto.

Linda and Iletta  Linda McDonald and Iletta Tarr

The Creeds  Mike and Shelly Creed

Slowpokes 3   

Chad Brauer  Chad Brauer

Jen Wiethop   Jen Wiethop

Autumn  Linn Creek: A beautiful, quiet place to see the autumn colors while running

Trevor Dowdney   Linn Creek police chief Trevor Dowdney.  One question: Do police officers eat doughnuts with gloves on, or off?

Dennis   Dennis Michaelree, moments after finishing in 26:15 and winning the 61-and-over age group.  Somebody pass Dennis the oxygen and defibrillator, please.

Dawn Standley   Dawn Standley

Nikki Brauer   Nikki Brauer

Annie Cody   Annie Cody

Debi White   A camera-shy #42 and Debi White

Nathan Pasley   Nathan Pasley, seconds before the finish line, and hurling.  Now THAT'S pushing yourself hard.

Mini Cooper  A new, unmarked police car for Linn Creek?

Nigher Alfaro  Overall male winner, Nigher Alfaro.  His fifth Lake-area 5K victory in 2011.

Brandon Pasley  Brandon  Brandon Pasley.  Brandon won the 9-12 age group in 26:48, and really impressed those behind him--which was pretty much everybody.


Christian White  Christian White.  Christian won the 4-8 age group.

Austin Clay   Austin Clay finished second in the 4-8 age group.

Angela Clay   Race organizer Dr. Angela Clay.  Thanks, Angela, for a great event!