The Great Bagnell Dam Duck Drop 5K Run
                     and Waddle Walk

                       August 15, 2009


               Robin crosses the finish line, with dog in tow

Just a few of the many finishers:

Other   Other 2

Other 3 



How's this for a caption?:

"Trish Creach:  Congratulations on finishing,
Sir, but would you mind getting up and
having your
heart attack somewhere else?
You're blocking the finish line." 



              Buford -- a 13 week-old Bloodhound
                    (and ultimate chick magnet)


Age group winners (left to right):

Morgan Brooks
Jackie Rasmussen
Heather Johnston
Casey O'Connor
Gary Lile
Trevor Dowdney
Susan Buckingham
Jerad Shields (not pictured)