Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis Marathon & Half Marathon
St. Louis, Missouri

October 27, 2013

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Near the starting corrals on Market Street, an hour before the race start.

The Peabody Opera House

A stone bear statue at the entrance to the Peabody Opera House, with the flag and moon in the background.

A group gathers on the steps of the Peabody Opera House.

Some of the Lake-area participants. Pictured left to right: Anita Leyva, Pete Leyva, Nigher Alfaro (in back), Todd Raney, Mark Kempf and Margie Gunter.

Pictured, left to right: Miki Schroeder, Nigher Alfaro, Mark Kempf (in back), Todd Raney and Margie Gunter.

Nigher Alfaro

The Marathon Maniacs arranged a group photo with Trent Morrow (top row, second from left), who's attempting to break the Guinness world record by running 160 marathons in 2013.

One of the three wheelchair athletes competing.

The starting line.

The scene on Washington Avenue, just east of Tucker Street.

The finish line.

The announcers' booth at the finish line.

The half marathon finish chute.

The post finish line area, with photographers in the boom lift taking finish-line photos.

Market Street, about a half mile from the finish line.

Trent Morrow, the "Marathon Man", runs down the finish chute while blowing a whistle. This was at least his 117th marathon finish of the year.

Margie Gunter celebrates after finishing the half marathon.

Holding the first-place half marathon awards are Dani Fischer (1:18:13) from Wausau, Wisconsin, and Michael Aitken (1:10:22) from St. Ann, Missouri.

Women's marathon winner Emily Kurian (2:50:29) from Madison, Wisconsin.

Men's half marathon winner Charles Beiseman (2:39:59) from De Soto, Missouri, (at right) with third-place finisher Gedion Yitref (2:47:30) from Chicago.
-* Beiseman also won in 2012. This was Yitref's first marathon.