The Bonk Hard Chill

                        March 13, 2010

Note:  These are smaller, lower-resolution, and lower-quality versions of the original images.  Please click on an image to download the original.

Pre-race meeting

Pre-race meeting at Riverview Baptist Church on Friday, March 12, 2010.  (Original image 4.7 MB)


Potholes at Tuscumbia

 Potholes team, beginning a bike segment at Tuscumbia.  Pictured (from left): Josh Shrock, Steven Hermann, Jim Jackson, Dan Dougan.  (Original image 4.4 MB)

Potholes at Camp Pin Oak

Potholes team, at end of bike segment at Camp Pin Oak.  Pictured (from left): Josh Shrock, Steven Hermann, Dan Dougan, Jim Jackson.  (Original image 4.6 MB)


Potholes at finish line

Potholes team, at finish line.  Pictured (from left): Steven Hermann, Josh Shrock, Jim Jackson, Dan Dougan.  (Original image 4.9 MB)



Bushwacker team, 2010 Bonk Hard Chill overall champions (Original image 5.2 MB)


Alpine Shop, 2010 second-place four-person coed team, and defending 2009 Bonk Hard Chill overall champions.
Pictured (from left):  David Frei, Doug Nishimura, Carrie Sona, Jeff Sona.  (Original image 2 MB)


31 Down, first-place two-person male team.  (Original image 2.1 MB)


Lost But Found

Lost But Found, first-place two-person coed team.  Pictured (from left):  Ryan Stalder and Emily Gregory  (Original image 5.8 MB)


Forum Dental 1   Forum Dental 2   Forum Dental 3

Forum Dental (Original images 5.0, 4.8 and 5.6 MB, respectively)


Gear checker

One of checkpoint 9's devoted gear checkers, and one helluva cowbell ringer.  (Original image 4.8 MB)