Grand Glaize Arm and
Lake of the Ozarks State Park

1.  Public access ramps at Public Beach #2 and Pa He Tsi. These ramps are among the most convenient and accessible for most people in the Osage Beach, Turkey Bend and Horseshoe Bend areas.  The (serious) downside to them is that, with "Party cove" just a short distance away, there are times--typically Saturday and Sunday afternoons (and holidays) from Memorial Day to the end of September--when the water is too rough and congested for kayaking.  At any other time, these are great places to put in your kayak and paddle up the serene Grand Glaize Arm.  Map   

2.  Public access ramp at Public Beach #1.  This ramp is located at the far reaches of the Grand Glaize Arm, so there's very little boat traffic with which you'll have to contend.  To get there, take Highway 42 to Highway 134, and go about five miles to the very end of the road to the boat ramp area.  Look for the signs to direct you.

3.  Swinging bridges area.  Swinging bridges are extremely rare, so these are quite interesting to see.  Only one, though, can be seen while kayaking.  (The other is down a gravel road.)  Be advised that you may not be able to kayak from or to this area when the lake level is low.  The summer months are your best opportunity.  Rather than putting your kayak in at this area, you're better off putting in at at Public Beach #1 (the circled "2" on the map) and kayaking as far as you can toward the swinging bridge.

4.  Public access area at Passover.  This beach area is fine for putting in your kayak, but doing so only makes sense if you're close to it. 

5.  Public access ramp at McCubbins Point.  Like the public access area at Passover (#4), this is a good spot to put in your kayak, but getting there by road takes even longer.  Again, unless you're close to it, use another access area.

6.  Osage Beach City Park.  The City of Osage Beach has been building a new park that has (or will soon have) access to the lake.  The park is located on Hatchery Road, which is located just east of the Premium Outlet Mall (and across from Osage Beach Elementary School) on Highway 54.